Robyn Larson-Shelton

Mia has been incredibly helpful via Zoom sessions, competently, kindly and carefully coaching me through how to use the Trust Technique (TT) to help my dogs.  

I am a fairly competent owner dog trainer but found myself at a loss with a middle aged adoptee who had a fear of flies that was becoming worse despite my best efforts. This was creating huge limititations to all our lives but especially for Athena who was missing out on so much due to this fear. Using TT Athena’s fear is slowly diminishing and she is now enjoying a lot more activities and I firmly believe we will keep improving on her concerns. 

After booking Mia to help with Athena we also adopted a very stressed, high prey drive dog who had overreactions to many things and found it difficult to calm down at any time of the day or night. Using TT has fast-tracked our bonding, and has reduced his reactions significantly. In fact, one session targeting his desire to attack all mowers (which had me petrified of the consequences) and he now just ignores mowers! Wow! Huge! 

TT has also helped with our aging terrier, to deal with her anxiety and feeling unwell. 

I highly recommend Mia and the Trust Technique to ANY dog owner, no matter what your sport, breed or living situation.





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