Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience.

Ralph Waldo Emerson


I don’t believe that there are dumb, stubborn or vindictive animals. I believe that viewing the behaviours that lead to these labels as nervous system responses, we are in a position to initiate change. I believe that animals and people share feelings – nervous systems ‘communicate’ with each other, the scientific term for this is neuroception. 

I don’t believe that euthanisia is the only or – for most animals – best way to end their lives. I believe in the body’s wisdom about being born and dying. Both, entry and exit from this world, require patience and allowing. These processes are beyond our control though we often interfere (from a place of fear) and influence the unfolding, hurrying the progress. I believe support (from a place of surrender) serves all involved. 

I am passionate about advancing people’s understanding of animal intelligence and consciousness as well as helping rehabilitate and restore peace and trust in animal-human relationships where needed. 

My favourite part of my job is to witness my clients step out of their frozen or frenzied state into empowered and effective action. Stepping out of despair, hopelessness, frustration or worried concern into clarity, calmness and peace. Their faces soften, their bodies relax, their breathing deepens when they see possibility where before change seemed impossible. They are seeing their animal with new eyes. 

I see myself as a pioneer who challenges the status quo of traditional animal care practices (feeding, training, desexing, vaccinating, parasite control, use of antibiotics and other pharmaceuticals, end of life). 

People see me as inspiring, caring and knowledgeable. They find my writing (blogs and posts) engaging and heart opening.

My tribe are people who have found the traditional approaches and ideas wanting, who are curious and open to new perspectives and practices. Our understanding of animal intelligence and sentience transcends the concept of ownership. We see ‘problem behaviours’ as a dysregulated nervous system doing the best it can and are willing to help co-regulate until self-regulation is possible. We are death-positive – we believe it’s not morbid or taboo to speak openly about death. We see honest conversations about death and dying as the cornerstone of a healthy society. 

What I struggle with are closed-minded and closed-hearted actions which put principles over compassion, and dominance attitudes.   

My mission is to increase kindness and peace in the world. I envision animal-human relationships free of fear and unresolved trauma because tools for mental health hygiene are common knowledge and taught from little. 

The services Mia offers are quite unique. My bond with my dog deepened immensely since we were introduced to Mia. Trick training and the Trust Technique are our current focus. I always look forward to those sessions and I always pick up new tips from Mia’s vast knowledge of dogs.

Sam Charbine

I wish I met Mia at the same time Bonnie, our rescue Labrador, came into our lives. Her patience in showing me and Bonnie (my second dog Patch has nothing but profited from it also) that it’s never too late with showing love and patience and when to apply this amazing and simple technique. Bonnie has […]

Susi Lingeman

Mia has been incredibly helpful via Zoom sessions, competently, kindly and carefully coaching me through how to use the Trust Technique (TT) to help my dogs.   I am a fairly competent owner dog trainer but found myself at a loss with a middle aged adoptee who had a fear of flies that was becoming worse […]

Robyn Larson-Shelton

I wish we would have discovered the Trust Technique long before we did. It has been a wonderful tool to help unravel the busy mind of our anxious Kelpie and deepen our relationship.

Kelley Lonsdale


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