Jeanette Woolerton

I recently had the privilege of experiencing a Trust Technique session with Mia. The focus was on my beloved mare, Kiah, who has always been reticent to let others stroke or care for her in my absence. My goal was to help Kiah trust another person enough to feel comfortable being lightly handled by them, in the event of my absence (in an emergency). At first, Kiah walked away when she saw Mia, as is usual for her. I had to halter her alone. But after the session, Mia was able to walk up to Kiah, alone in the paddock, and put her fly veil on! The session was relaxing, grounding, healing and meditative for both myself and Kiah. Since then, Kiah has already been friendlier to people I introduce her to. Not aloof, not merely dutiful, but more interactive and genuinely friendly. One session alone shifted Kiah’s perspective. I cannot recommend Mia highly enough. Not only is she an excellent practitioner, but an authentic, empathic and caring woman who embodies trust in all of its manifestations.





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